We Are Committed

We are committed to creating a welcoming, supportive and positive environment, in which an array of effective and efficient trauma-informed, integrated services will promote an improved quality of life for consumers, communities and each other in Northeastern and Northcentral Oklahoma.

Our Values


Doing the right thing whether someone is watching us or not, saying what we believe, doing what we say, and believing what we do.


All staff working in unity in a respectful, cooperative manner with collaboration toward common goals.

Quality Services

A welcoming, empathetic, trauma-informed approach to effective and efficient integrated services, offered by competent and qualified professionals, to promote positive change and empowerment for consumers while adhering to contractual and accreditation criteria.

Fiscal Responsibility

In order to have the ability to prepare for exigent circumstances, maintain and improve physical plants, continually upgrade clinical services, invest in ongoing staff development and provide a healthy atmosphere for staff, GRAND Mental Health will make efficient, ethical use of agency resources, with each employee accepting ownership of this challenge.

Our Guiding Principles