Executive Team

Larry Smith

Larry Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Larry Smith has over 40 years of experience in managing nonprofit agencies, including the past 26 years in leadership roles with GRAND Mental Health.

During his career, Larry has worked closely with medical workers and law enforcement to provide better care for individuals in the least restrictive environments. He has aided in the development of new and innovative treatment models, serving as contributor to the National Research Institute and primary architect of the My Care app, a nationally recognized mobile app that assists first responders when encountering a mental health crisis situation.

As a veteran of the US Air Force and a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (CPRSS), Larry understands the value of life experience in helping people achieve and maintain recovery. 

Josh Cantwell, Chief Operating Officer

With 15 years in the mental health field, Josh Cantwell has held a variety of both clinical and management roles. One position he found particularly rewarding was working in Mental Health Court and seeing people’s live change.

During his time with GRAND Mental Health, he has been instrumental in the development and oversight of innovative mental health programs such as GRAND Mental Health’s 24/7 treatment model, which utilizes mobile technology and numerous levels of care to provide instant access to treatment anytime and anywhere.

Josh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist (CPRSS) and has published more than 20 therapeutic games focusing on mental health and substance use.

Josh Cantwell

Donna Aultz
Chief Facilities Officer

Lissa James
Chief Quality Improvement Officer/ Wellness Champion

Jeff Harlin
Chief Administrative Officer of GRAND – Tulsa

Kimberly Hill-Crowell
Chief Clinical Officer of GRAND – Tulsa

Nicholas Allgood
Chief Clinical Officer of Crisis Services

Trica Walters
Chief Human Resources Officer

Rony Gadiwalla
Chief Information Officer

Amy Garrison
Chief Administrative Officer

Dashun Monk
Chief Financial Officer

Matt Spencer
Chief Clinical Officer

Program Management

  • Medical Director: Dr. John Mallgren, DO., Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Regional Clinical Officer – Region 1: Traci Sisney
  • Regional Administrative Officer – Region 1: Corey Carolina
  • Regional Clinical Officer – Region 2: Kasandra Turbett
  • Regional Administrative Officer – Region 2: Laura Smith
  • Regional Clinical Officer – Region 3: Jordan Westbrook
  • Regional Administrative Officer – Region 3: Laura Brock
  • Integrated Health Services Director: Emily Shearer, APRN, FNP
  • Director of Learning: Chancey Bosch
  • Human Resources Director: Greg West
  • Director of Marketing & Public Relations: Ron Brady
  • Finance Director: Jared Sawyer
  • Law Enforcement Engagement Director: Jim Warring
  • Facilities Management Director: Edward Wren
  • Crisis Services Director: Thomas Comstock
  • Community Engagement Director: Brad Gibson
  • Director of GRAND ARC: Jennifer Leggett
  • Safety Officer: John Parker

Clinical & Operational Directors

  • R1 – Craig & Nowata Counties
    Clinical: Candice Doan
    Operational: TBD
  • R1 – Ottawa County
    Clinical: Michelle Clarkson
    Operational: Kassie Conrad
  • R1 – Washington County
    Clinical: Rachel Asbury
    Operational: Rachel Showler
  • R2 – Delaware County
    Clinical: Caleigh Nichols
    Operational: Tiffany Brock
  • R2 – Mayes County
    Clinical: Angela Penn
    Operational: Ginger Upshaw
  • R2 – Rogers County
    Clinical: Shamaine Woodard-Payton
    Operational: Amber McDonald
  • R3 – Kay County
    Clinical: Jacquelynn Blackwell
    Operational: Samantha Goodno
  • R3 – Noble & Pawnee Counties
    Clinical: Breanna Cook
    Operational: Lynn Valz
  • R3 – Osage County
    Clinical: Rob Henson
    Operational: TBD
  • R3 – Payne County
    Clinical: Jenna Parsons
    Operational: Luke Carillo
  • R4 – Tulsa County
    Operational: Alicia Beard

Crisis Services Coordinators

  • Pryor Urgent Recovery Center: 
    Tonya Robinson
  • Stillwater Urgent Recovery Center:
    Aimee McMurl
  • Vinita Urgent Recovery Center:
    Josh Myers
  • Jay Urgent Recovery Center:
    Alisha Gibe

Board of Directors

Jim Tanner

Charles Hamit
Vice President

Elaine Clugston


Bill Stutsman

Charlene Lingo, Ph.D.

Tad Jones

Joe Griffin

Lowell Barto

Nancy Barton Ph.D.

Pat Darlington, Ph.D.

Rick Littlefield

Wally Bryce