Miami, Oklahoma Police Sargent Awarded Officer of the Year by Grand Mental HealthInnovative Depression Treatment Offered | GRAND Mental Health
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Miami, Oklahoma Police Sargent Awarded Officer of the Year by Grand Mental HealthInnovative Depression Treatment Offered

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GRAND Mental Health today announced its annual law enforcement honor to Sargent Jason Bissell of the Miami, Oklahoma Police Department as Officer of the Year. An awards ceremony will take place Friday, June 10th, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. at the Miami Police Department, 129 5th Avenue, Northwest.

The awards focus on individuals who work with community partners, such as GRAND Mental Health, to tackle the issues facing law enforcement and mental health in an effort to better serve the public.

Sgt Bissell has often gone above and beyond to help those in Miami to seek mental health services and to recognize situations of crisis intervention. He is known for treating members of the public with the utmost respect and has constantly worked to improve the communication with GRAND Mental Health to provide the citizens of Miami with mental health and substance abuse services.

Sgt Bissell communicates constantly with several tribal departments in the Miami area to overcome barriers on getting services to citizens. He has recognized the needs of specific citizens in the community, referred and directed them to appropriate GRAND Mental Health services, and given much-needed information to assist citizens with specific mental health needs.

“Sargent Bissell has demonstrated his dedication to making sure the needs of the citizens of Miami are met,” said Larry Smith, Chief Executive Officer at GLMHC. “His vision and commitment to the public is a clear example of the positive impact on mental health in Oklahoma’s smaller communities.”

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